There’s never a straightforward answer to that one, but the following should give you an idea.

Picture of Ally Ireson

Words have always been my thing. When I was a kid, reading and writing were what came most naturally. New words, interesting words and the jigsaw click of the perfect word to express something were all simple, instinctive pleasures, and still are.

I have been making a living out of words for most of the 20-plus years since I got my degree in English Literature (from Sheffield University: still an interesting course, still a great city). After graduating, I lived in London for a long time, working first in book then magazine publishing. I then moved with my family to Norwich, where I am still based. My work now combines creating content for books, websites and other projects, and development and copy editing, mostly on book texts (both fiction and non-fiction). Whatever the job, I always enjoy the challenge of finding ways to engage different audiences with new stories and information.

Beyond words, I’m interested in anything to do with history, social policy and psychology – in particular, people’s stories and how they make sense of their own lives are catnip to me. I’m also interested in education and learning. I was until recently a governor at a Norwich junior school (with special responsibility for Wellbeing), and when our twin boys were younger I did a year’s stint as a volunteer teacher of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) at our local Sure Start centre. I now enjoy a different way of being part of a community, in the form of singing in the UEA Community Choir.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end – your reward is some things that I think are worth a look.