Interesting things

Tim Clare

A writer who generously offers free and galvanising help to the Not Writing community – get beyond doubt and put words on the page

Empathy Museum

A series of inventive participatory projects designed to promote empathy: hear someone’s story while wearing their shoes, read a book recommended by a stranger, or borrow a person to talk to

The Book Hive

The Norwich shop where I now buy most of my books – run by interesting, friendly people who make time for a chat

Humans of New York

Street portraits of passing strangers; the content of the ‘straight in there’ mini-interviews can be compelling

The Young Foundation

Runs Action for Happiness and other interesting projects that help advance social change via programmes relating to education, community development and wellbeing

Things magazine

A digest of links to interesting content on objects and their meanings – prepare to be diverted…

The School of Life 

Intelligently delivered advice on how to do better with work, relationships and other areas that challenge us; the content of their email newsletters can be mood-shiftingly thought-provoking

Liam Bailey

From the floors of sports halls to the inches-high inhabitants of a model village, photographer Liam Bailey has a good eye and a friendly interest in the colourful, the idiosyncratic and the overlooked 

Eat the Seasons

No, we shouldn’t be eating strawberries in February – useful information on when to eat what (and on helping reduce supermarket air miles)

Procrastination Research Group

Professor Tim Pychyl saving us from the delusion that there is a Right Time To Begin

Public information films

The National Archives’ portal into the unapologetically We Know Best past: from 1945’s Coughs and Sneezes through to the ‘Charley Says’ films of the 1970s and the monolithic headstone of the 1987 AIDS campaign

English idioms

Daft as a brush, two peas in a pod, good as gold… an academically rigorous delve into the origins of the non-literal phrases that add so much texture to the English language

Neil Chapman

My clever and original friend whose blog, The Black Narcissus, features his unapologetically subjective thoughts about perfume, as well as interesting insights into his life working as an English teacher in Japan (his new book, Perfume, is an excellent digest of scents worth spritzing)